Monday, May 4, 2009


Toko Sekiguchi (2007, Nov 5th ). In Japan, Teaching English for Food. The TIME CNN news World. Retrieved November 2, 2007, from,8599,1680652,00.html


When Natasha Stele who comes from Australia, want to spread herself and foreign culture while she is in Japan. But her work place which names Nova was collapsed. So she lost her job and worry about her life. For many foreigners, to teach English in Japan is really traditional. But the Nova’s situation got worth so it is hard to get job for foreigners. The Nova which famous English chain was established by Nozomu Sahashi in 1981when he finished his study in Paris. After later, in April 2005, things was changed by many bad incidents. The students accused the school and pay back their tuition. The government lead to suspension of Nova, which suffered ,any students and their tuition. A pink bunny rabbit became famous so some air plane company help the teacher. Nova employees announced “lessons for food” program which teach for the students about the food. Nevertheless, Nova’s nightmare didn’t finish at all. Lawyers seek for bad things. Sahashi did insider trading and embezzlement and so on. After all, Nova can’t find the sponsor, it face insolvency. Finally, this incident will involve foreigner will involve with foreign languages and society. Then educational system said that foreigners need to take the proficiency test which is based on US educational.


I know this incident but I’m not sure about it. In Japan, this was really bad incident for many Japanese students. They had to seek for Nova to pay back their tuition. Also one of my friend was damaged this problem. She learned in Nova and also she paid her tuition before Nova would collapse. In her case, she could get her tuition but most of the people couldn’t get their money. Many foreigners lost their job and worry about their life in Japan. I also learned English from foreigner but not same school. I thought that was terrible problem. If my teacher would be this situation and he lost his job, what should I do? I thought. For foreigner, to get the job in Japan is not easy way. And also to get regular job is more hard in Japan. If many foreigner are interested in Japan, culture, and languages, I would be happy. Although this incident lost foreigners wish, I hope that many foreigners like Japan and other things. I hope many foreigners don’t be regret this.

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