Monday, May 4, 2009


Toko Sekiguchi (2007, Nov 5th ). In Japan, Teaching English for Food. The TIME CNN news World. Retrieved November 2, 2007, from,8599,1680652,00.html


When Natasha Stele who comes from Australia, want to spread herself and foreign culture while she is in Japan. But her work place which names Nova was collapsed. So she lost her job and worry about her life. For many foreigners, to teach English in Japan is really traditional. But the Nova’s situation got worth so it is hard to get job for foreigners. The Nova which famous English chain was established by Nozomu Sahashi in 1981when he finished his study in Paris. After later, in April 2005, things was changed by many bad incidents. The students accused the school and pay back their tuition. The government lead to suspension of Nova, which suffered ,any students and their tuition. A pink bunny rabbit became famous so some air plane company help the teacher. Nova employees announced “lessons for food” program which teach for the students about the food. Nevertheless, Nova’s nightmare didn’t finish at all. Lawyers seek for bad things. Sahashi did insider trading and embezzlement and so on. After all, Nova can’t find the sponsor, it face insolvency. Finally, this incident will involve foreigner will involve with foreign languages and society. Then educational system said that foreigners need to take the proficiency test which is based on US educational.


I know this incident but I’m not sure about it. In Japan, this was really bad incident for many Japanese students. They had to seek for Nova to pay back their tuition. Also one of my friend was damaged this problem. She learned in Nova and also she paid her tuition before Nova would collapse. In her case, she could get her tuition but most of the people couldn’t get their money. Many foreigners lost their job and worry about their life in Japan. I also learned English from foreigner but not same school. I thought that was terrible problem. If my teacher would be this situation and he lost his job, what should I do? I thought. For foreigner, to get the job in Japan is not easy way. And also to get regular job is more hard in Japan. If many foreigner are interested in Japan, culture, and languages, I would be happy. Although this incident lost foreigners wish, I hope that many foreigners like Japan and other things. I hope many foreigners don’t be regret this.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

why did i chose thsi major?

When I was 3 years old, I started to learn English. I was sooo young but I really like to learn English, also my English teacher was awesome people. I met many teachers in my life. But especially before I came here, I met really nice teacher who comes from Australia. He taught me a lot of things about his country, his life, and his recent incidents. It made me so funny and now we are really good friend. He always care about me. Sometimes I hate English becauce of my lack of English skills. However every teachers enouraged to me so I could continue to learn English. I appreciate them and I really like to learn English. If I met him, I want him to judge that I improved or not, I hope that he said to me you are better than before!!!! haha

Sunday, April 19, 2009


In Okinawa, there are many strange food for me. In Okinawa's people like to eat pork because they think that pork has much energy for their body. I really surprised that they eat pork's ear. When I went to Okinawa in my school trip, I saw it for the first time. I know it has much collagen and really good for women's skin. But I dont want to eat it. It looked gross enough!!! I can't accept it in my body. At that time, I felt sorry for Okinawa's people, but I can't eat it anymore. So I ate so-ki noodle. But my friend's mixed too strong alcohol in my noodle!! I didn't know but I ate it all of it. I felt drunk at that time...

Turkey rice

Thursday, April 16, 2009



Brian D Scott. All About Freelance Translation Jobs. The Ezine articles from


According to Brian D Scott in his article “All about freelance translation jobs,“translator who can speak many languages and translate into flawless English become good freelance translator. There are 5 main questions how to become good translator. First, who is excellent for hiring the company? In US, they need the person who can translate Spanish to English and in Canada, the person who can translate French to English. Now company spread to Japan to use Internet and to get many clients. Second, what is the skill do we need? We have to get important things from each language. It can help us more effectively to write and read. For example, colloquialism and nuances. Third, where can we get the jobs? Mostly we can find the jobs on the website. Like and so on. These sites can assign us to contact the clients who need to translate another language. If we can’t speak famous languages, it is not big deal. We can find another way to get freelance translator. Forth, how can we relate for the jobs? For the beginning, we can’t easy to change the languages correctly. But we need money to gather experience and get many clients. If our price show the clients, it affect us bad translator. Fifth, how should we reply to translator advertisement? The client need us immediately to hire because they have no time to choose who is good or not. So we have to reply them politely and get the truth. We have to advertise I am good translator, I have professional skill and I will work this price. In conclusion, good translator need to good skill of languages, get relationship with clients and big confidence of our ability. The company usually need translator because they haven’t good translation skills. So we have to make the clients believe and to success the freelance translator.


When I was child, I want to be a translator but after the year, I thought that is difficult. Because translator needs to good skill about grammar, writing and vocabulary so on. I always hate grammar and writing. When I was in Japan, I saw the news. I always admire the translator. They were talking fluently and simple. If I take a long time to get good skills of these, it is too late to become translator. Now I am studying in here, I thought I need to study more and more. It is good for me to improve the English skill. When I go back to Japan, I have to find the job. In Japan, there are not good situation of society. So I’m wondering about getting a job or not. Now it is hard thing to decide for me. What do you think about getting the job now? I think it is not good time to get job. However I want to get job someday

Sunday, April 12, 2009

step by step

In my life, I always want to improvr myself.It is hard to improve and also I don't know that I'm improve or not. Sometimes I have run up against a wall. I can't do anything because it is hard to slove the problem. But I think deeply, I don't need to solve the problem quickly. I have time and many friends help me when I feel down. So I will try to solve the problem step by step. I always advice my friends to say step by step. When I was child, my mom told me this. She always encourage me and said this. When she said this, I feel really comfortable because she is my good advicer. That why I like this words and I want to keep it in my life.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weblog Assignment#1

How to protect the children from Violence.
I think that parents should protect children from violence. This is because the children need their parents, and need someone who protects them. The parents are the first people who tell the word, read, and some poetry. Now for parents stay in their house is better for the child. This is because they can discuss things with each other. It can be more relaxed and parents can understand children’s thinking. That is good information about children.